Chris Richardson
387 Hanover St. Apt 1
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 504-3652

INet+, Network+, A+, MCP, MCSA, SCNP

UNIX Admin/Network Engineer

Cantella & Co., Inc,

  • Administer a mixed environment consisting of FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows 2k and XP
    • Configure redundant and fault tolerant web services via rsync and replication
    • Setup and maintain internal and external DNS series through bind
    • Initial install and maintenance on mysql services to provide replication, and cold backups
    • Setup/Design of email hosting solution compliant using exim, mailscanner, spamassasin, clamav, pyzor, razor, greylisting, dovecot, roundcube to provide the most efficient and stable solution
    • Setup/Design of Jabber IM solution to allow clients and back office personnel to communicate instantly while maintaining NASD/SEC regulatory requirements
    • NIS implementation to allow for easing growing needs of centralized administrations
    • Cups Print services to allow for centralized daily automated process
    • Setup 24/7 centralized monitoring of services and servers via naglios
    • Centralized backup of services to local disks, optical media, and off site servers through custom scripted tasks

  • Administrate secure communications with service providers, business partners and office personnel
    • Setup and configure Cisco Routers, Switches, and firewalls
    • Cisco PIX vpn server and client setup
    • Cisco routers to block common IM services and file sharing applications
    • Setup of Linkproof Radware load balancer for fault tolerance and connection management
    • Installations and deployment of security certificates into a gateway/tunnel setup to allow for backend process to securely communicate with business partners

  • Setup of Asterisk PBX server to handle VOIP services between two providers

  • Assist in development and design of applications
    • Assist with data mining of coding modules to parse new reports to be inserted into the databases
    • Automate the retrieval of data via ftp and web through the use of programming
    • Automate administrative and back office tasks
    • Knowledge in Perl, PHP and SQL


Philip Morris/Kelly Services

  • Identify, Inventory all computer hardware and check migration compatibility
  • Determine the needs of the end user to best determine the hardware and needs of the user.
  • Track issues along with finding work around and solutions in the migration process and rollout
  • Automate through programming as much of the migration and data mining as much as possible to allow quicker and smoother transition.
  • Testing software packages before migration to determine functionality
  • Coordinate with existing IT/IS services on all results
  • Deploy all the new systems to the end users
  • Give brief training on the new platforms

Cantella & Co., Inc.

  • Initial analysis of client needs
  • Recommend purchasing of hardware
  • Setup and configuration of all Cisco products
  • Integration of new hardware into existing infrastructure
  • Testing of all services and troubleshooting of infrastructure with current isp and business partners
  • Setup of basic services DNS, DHCP, and network translation/NAT

Tech support representative


  • Handle inbound support for existing services on all OS
  • Assist with escalation support
  • Document problems and solutions for all issues that arise
  • Create training materials, and assist with the training of new personnel
  • Research outstanding issues passed down from management and return call client with solution

  • Holyoke Community College

  • Springfield Technical Community College

  • Belchertown High School

  • University of Massachusetts