Roundcube is a lightweight web based email client that works off php, SQL, and IMAP. Some of the most notable features of this project are.
  • Easy install and maintenance. 5-10mins
  • Smooth and easy to use user interface
  • AJAX is used through out this project to give it a feel similar to gmail
  • Clean code and open source GPLed
  • Spell checking
  • Preview pane
  • Auto complete typing of contacts
  • Drag and Drop, Keyboard shortcuts

Other useful links from this project:
Rouncube Trac/Wiki
Roundcube Forum
Roundcube Mailing Lists

My involvement in this project is mostly testing tickets for merit along with supplied patches. I contribute patches when I can.
Dev List

Mailscanner is a perl based util that acts as a middle man to almost any MTA out there that provides Spamassassin scanning, virus scanning, phissing scanning, archiving of email, and pretty much anything you could ever want to do in regards to email can be done with this project.
  • Written in Perl and easily customizable
  • Multiple filtering methods for spam and virus protection including but not limited to
    • Spam Assassin
    • Razor
    • Pyzor
    • Fuzzy OCR
    • RBLs
    • ClamAV
    • F-Prot
    • AVG
    • BitDefender
    • Content type and content ext
    • Phissing
  • Archiving content
  • Statistical data via mailwatch

Other useful links from this project:
Mailing List