Jay Lanstein:

Jay and I have been close friends for a long time and to him I owe so much. He is the reason I have gotten into computers. Looking back it is amazing what Camerman San Diego can do to a youngen. Over there years we have several successful business venture togher. Back in 199X we did consulting as Lanstein Brothers Computer Consulting. We offered to teach people how to use every day's application like email, internet, word processing, along with an array of other programs. We served on our home towns technology community offering incite to future technologies and other services that might benefit the town. In 2005 we started another business venture after realizing all the work we have done over the years for the financial company that we work for could benefit other company looking for a more customized and inexpensive alternatives to traditional ways of handling of the financial industry. We are still actively pursing this and slowly building a solid base of clients through out the industry.

Consulting Company

Will Roditi:

Jay and I have been fortunate to have Will working with at our main jobs along with working with us on our consulting company. For his age he show a level of logical , programing minded thinking that I have never seen in another person. He current supports and maintans numerous CPAN modules and assists the open source community with countless patches, sugestions, and ideas. He has spoken at Boston.PM on serval occations.

Cpan page

Liz Hoffman:

Liz I had the pleasure of meeting through my cousin in Germany. They showed us around Germany and translated for us during our travels. Over this time I got to know her better and was blown away with her talents in the field of music and langues. Even though she is German you would never guess it by her speech our her antics. She is one of the kindest and caring souls I have had the pleasure of meeting in this life time. She is always able to leave you with a smile weither it be through her music or her beautiful personality. She plays the gatur, piano, and sings very well I defiantly recommend checking out her links and make sure you drop her a line. I also have added some of her songs to the MP3 Jukebox section of my website.

Java Jukebox of some of her music